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Dr Hanauer
Stephen Hanauer, MD, explained why thiopurines remain important in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease during his presentation at the virtual Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Summit on July 12.
Dr Gottlieb
In the final session of the virtual Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Summit, Joseph Merola, MD, and Alice Gottlieb, MD, spoke about how telehealth can benefit patients and physicians, and how to use it to assist in diagnosing psoriatic arthritis.
Dr Guttman
Emma Guttman, MD, PhD, reviewed the latest therapeutic advances in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, including the future of personalized medicine at IAS 2020.
At IAS 2020, Biju Parekkadan, PhD, presented the latest evidence for the use of human cell and cellular therapeutics and how it may be used one day to treat patients with autoimmune diseases.
Dr Hudesman
Research demonstrates that trough drug concentrations correlate to more positive outcomes in patients with immune-mediated diseases. At IAS 2020, David Hudesman, MD, and Adam Cheifetz, MD, discussed the relative benefits of therapeutic drug monitoring.
Dr santos
Patients with Behçet disease may wait 9 years for a definitive diagnosis. Delfin Santos, MD, explained why this disease is so difficult to identify in his presentation at the virtual IAS 2020 meeting.
Joseph Merola
The array of therapeutic agents available for treating psoriatic arthritis has increased significantly. But how do rheumatologists determine which medications are best? Joseph F. Merola, MD, reviewed options at IAS 2020.
Dr Taft
At IAS 2020, Tiffany Taft, PhD, discusses how cognitive behavioral therapy can help patients with autoimmune disease-related mental health symptoms, as well as how and when to refer patients.
Dr Kay
At IAS 2020, Jonathan Kay, MD, outlined the development, legislation, and economic aspects of biosimilars.
Alexis Ogdie, MD, MSCE, discussed how technology designed to track physical and lifestyle goals can also be used to assess and manage patients with inflammatory arthritis at IAS 2020.
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